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100 Bones DACOM Colafit DOG & CAT

Colafit single - lyophilized bovine type I collagen for building the cartilaginous membranes of the joints of fibrous tissues, bones and hair of dogs and cats.

1×0.5 ml FLEVOX Spot-On solution

A product for cats to protect and treat flea and tick infestations with an extraordinary and long-lasting effect.

241,2 L Dog Spot-on 3×2,68 FIPNIL Combo

Solution for dripping on the skin against ticks, fleas and lice for large dogs.

AdvaFlex 90

Advaflex - a unique nutritional supplement designed to restore, restore և mobility of joints, cartilages and ligaments of dogs of all ages.

ALAVES 5 Joint nutrition for dogs and cats 90 tablets

Complete nutrition for the joints of dogs and cats, containing hyaluronic acid. The product helps with movement problems in dogs and cats.

ALAVIS Calming Extra strong for dogs 30 tablets

ALAVIS Calming Extra strong is intended for dogs who show nervousness, hyperactivity, anxiety or react to environmental stress.

ALAVIS Enzyme Therapy-Curenzyme for dogs and cats 80 capsules

100% herbal enzymatic veterinary product to support tissue healing and to strengthen immunity.

ALAVIS Hemagel 7 g

A unique hydrophilic gel that halves the healing time of both minor wounds and larger chronic wounds by up to half .

ALAVIS Joint food for dogs 90 tablets

Intensive joint nutrition for proper articular cartilage function and improved joint mobility in dogs.

ALAVIS Plaque Free for dogs and cats 40 g

Plaque Free for dogs and cats significantly reduces odor from the mouth, tartar and removes dental plaque.

ALGASOL A-dent 200g

It removes tartar, supports digestive processes, improves hair quality, a rich source of iodine and minerals.

Amber Rinse 4x60l APTUS

Use unprocessed Aptus Amber Rinse to clean wounds, cavities, abscesses, and flushes.